7 Best Places to Visit in Albania

Still significantly off the beaten path, year-on-year Albania is ending up being an increasingly popular visitor destination thanks to its stunning scenery, fascinating historical sites, as well as welcoming individuals. Isolated as well as shut down from the world for so long, Albania arised from communist rule in 1991. Nowadays, site visitors are usually surprised at all that it has to use; attractive beaches lying alongside spectacular range of mountains and also glimmering lakes.

Thanks to its lengthy and also intriguing background, Albania’s cities and scenic countryside have lots of fantastic old castles, Roman damages, as well as Ottoman-era mosques and also structures, which make the country remarkable to discover. With picturesque towns such as Gjirokaster and Berat for visitors to delight in, there is always something new to see as well as do.

The now colorful capital, Tirana, contains monoliths and also galleries supplying a consider the nation’s communist past. A remarkable nation, now is the time to check out the very best places in Albania, as word is quickly spreading concerning what this surprise gem has to supply.

1. Durres
Once the resources of Albania, Durres is located not far from Tirana on the nation’s shoreline. It is a preferred location, which means that it can get a little bit crowded throughout the summer season.

With one of the largest ports in the Adriatic, the city is a bit stuffy and also over-developed, although there is a great stretch of coastline for visitors as well as residents alike to appreciate. Along the seafront, there are lots of dining establishments offering tasty fresh seafood.

Fought over for millennia by the Bulgarians, Greeks, Venetians, and also Ottomans, to name a few, its wealth of historical websites attracts equally as lots of people as its beaches. The amazing Roman amphitheater as well as fantastic archaeological museum are the unquestionable highlights.

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2. Dhermi
With its inviting turquoise waters and also gorgeous coastlines that stretch right into the range, the stunning landscapes of Dhermi is where numerous young Albanians head to in the summer season. It is additionally home to some pulsating nightlife.

Located on a hill incline neglecting the sea, the town flaunts some magnificent sundowns. Grabbing a drink at one of its various bars and restaurants while watching the sunlight drop is a lovely method to spend an evening.

While there is an enjoyable and cheery ambience concerning the place, with dynamic beachside bars blaring out music, there is more than enough coastline to walk around; you can constantly discover a relaxed area to simply unwind as well as take pleasure in the scenery of the Albanian Riviera.

3. Shkodra
Existing just a rock’s discard from huge Lake Skadar that straddles the Montenegro-Albania boundary, Shkodra is a very attractive city to go to. The Buna River runs through community and the Albanian Alps can be seen off in the distance.

The unquestionable emphasize is Rozafa Castle. Over the course of its background, it has been ruled by the Illyrians, Venetians, and Ottomans, to name a few. The stunning ridges as well as ruins of the castle are fun to explore, as well as the sights over Shkodra are spectacular.

Although the facility of the city has recently gone through comprehensive renovations, there are still lots of beautiful old structures and also historical websites to be found, such as the Ebu Beker Mosque as well as Orthodox Basilica. The Historical Gallery showcases just several of the area’s rich history and heritage.

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With a lot attractive countryside surrounding Shkodra for visitors to check out, there is something for everyone to appreciate.

4. Sarande
With its spectacular location on the Ionian Sea, Sarande is honored with year-round cozy weather, carbonated water, and also a kicked back lifestyle.

While the seafront is a little bit over-developed with its line of identity-less house blocks, there are lots of great parts of Sarande to walk around, as well as lots of bars, dining establishments and also memento shops on offer.

In addition to the ancient ruins discovered in the area, Sarande’s environments teem with historic sites and also all-natural elegance, making it a great location to utilize as a base to discover the area.

5. Himare
With its beautiful setting on the Albanian Riviera, Himare’s shimmering turquoise waters as well as spectacular uneven coast make it an excellent location to head if you want some sunlight, sea, and also sand.

While its coastlines as well as calm seaside boardwalk are what most people come for, the historical old town is charming to roam around; its climatic tavernas have plenty of Mediterranean beauty and tasty regional fish and shellfish.

Perched atop a hill ignoring the old town is a delightful castle, which uses remarkable views over the sea. The close-by mountains likewise have some wonderful trails as well as perspectives for site visitors to enjoy, while the surrounding countryside is residence to incredible churches as well as abbeys, such as the Abbey of the Cross and also Athaliotissa.

6. Berat
Commonly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of the Balkans, Berat is known as ‘the Town of a Thousand Windows,’ as numerous windows peer out at you from the front of its hill structures which are so snugly clustered together.

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Situated on a hill, there are a number of Ottoman-era mosques and also Byzantine churches spread regarding town. One of the best views of Berat is from across the banks of the Osumi River which runs through it.

While merely wandering around Berat is a lovely way to invest the moment, the community additionally has a terrific 13th-century hilltop castle, which deserves going to for the superior sights. There are likewise two fascinating museums with some fascinating regional outfits and artefacts on screen and some remarkable 16th-century icons.

7. Gjirokaster
Located in the south of the nation, Gjirokaster is a delight to see. Its beautiful old town is set down on the side of a hill ignoring a valley as well as its winding cobbled roads have plenty of quaint structures as well as historical sites.

With over 500 houses as well as structures safeguarded and also maintained as ‘social monoliths’, Gjirokaster has plenty of remarkable style. It is typically known as the ‘City of Stone’ due to the distinct local rooves that can be seen everywhere you go.

Set down over the breathtaking Old Mart is Gjirokaster Castle, deemed to be the second largest in the entire of the Balkans. An interesting area to see, the castle has an underground Cold War-era shelter and also an Armaments Museum for visitors to appreciate, together with its remarkable fortifications and also ruins.

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